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Excursion destinations

The Wild Mountain – Leisure / Animal Park Mautern

In the heart of Styria lies Mautern and one of the most modern holiday paradise of Austria “the wild mountain”.

Adventure park Gröbming

Seven different parcours in different levels of difficulty lead you to heights of 2 to 15 meters. Over 100 elements and stations require climbing, balancing, chutes and dumbbells over the most diverse rope and bridge constructions.

Castle Strechau

In the municipal area of Lassing, the name Strechau is first mentioned in 1074 (alpenslawisch strechow = roof, hostel, protection). In the middle of the 16th century, the Romanesque, partly gothic defense system was transformed into a renaissance castle under the sex of Hoffmann, leader of the Styrian Protestant estates.

Castle ruins of Wolkenstein & Wörschachklamm

Between 1050 and 1100 the plant for the Ring- and Randhausburg was expanded. From 1220 it became possible by the size of the castle to divide the plant to two owners. So the Pergauer, probably by marriage, to the new co-owners …


The easy hiking trail over secured paths and stairs leads then to the Spechtensee or back to the castle ruin of Wolkenstein

Benedictine monastery Admont

The Benedictine monastery Admont is the oldest existing monastery of Styria. The foundation goes to a foundation of St. Hemma of Gurk and was made in 1074 by Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg. The first monks came from the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter in Salzburg.

The Natural Park Eisenwurzen

In St. Gallen (25min.) There is a water park. There, most of the toys have something to do with water.
You can: • Water jam and flow • Water divert or transport • Stream at the river table • Balance over the channel and much more.

Castle Trautenfels

The natural and cultural history of the Styrian Enns valley and Ausseerland is at the center of the collection of the Trautenfels Castle, which has been combining zoological, geological and mineralogical evidence since the 1950s as well as folklore objects and archaeological finds from the region.

The Keltenberg – natural wonder park

Let yourself be carried away into secluded rock and cave worlds, enjoy the nature particularly intensively during a hike over the waterway, sharpen your senses with a Let yourself be carried away into mysterious rock and cave worlds …

National park Gesäuse

The national park Gesäuse is the sixth and third largest national park in Austria. The varied program of events offers the opportunity to experience the unique nature landscape of the Gesaeuse, accompanied by trained national park guides and professional hunters of the Styrian Provincial Forest, all year round “with all the senses”. Take some time for a visit to the national park Gesäuse and we guarantee you an unforgettable nature experience!

Star Movie – Kino

Star Movie sets new standards of quality in technology, service, comfort

Shopping in Liezen

Liezen is one of the most important trading centers in Austria and offers an extraordinary shopping pleasure in only 10 minutes from us.

Salzwelten Bad Aussee Hallein


Fairy tale forest

Wipfelwanderweg Rachau