Project Description

Discover animals from the close

There are: cows, calves, ducks, rabbits, pheasants, chicken, cats, goats, sheep and pigs

If you are lucky, you can see how one of those animals is born
or you watch them in winter when they enjoy running around in the snow
or you help feed the guinea pigs.
The animals look forward to seeing you in the stables – you can spend as much time in the stables as you want – any time!

It is never boring on the farm…

The children like to help with the farm work…
In the morning or in the evening, they are always welcome to help in the stables.
There is plenty of work to do – feed the animals, clean the stable, milk the cows, etc.

Each room / apartment has a chicken nest

Daily chilling for the chickens – so that in the morning for breakfast a wonderfully soft egg gives
In the morning a self-evidentness – not only for the children. Have your own breakfast egg. Each room has its own chicken nest.
The chicken chef the cock Caruso has hopefully made a good division, then really should be in every nest an egg inside – there may be already happening that a chicken also “once-folded” – let you surprise!

Real farm and true farming

Farm with diary cows and forestry
We really like our work at the farm
and therefore it can happen that at certain times not all animals are at the farm – some are also sold.

Thank you for your understanding!
We look forward to welcoming you at our farm!